Support for the bachelor and master thesis

It is often the last major hurdle in the chosen bachelor’s or master’s program: the thesis. With this written performance, students demonstrate that they master not only the contents of their subject but also scientific writing and writing. While a descriptive focus is permitted in the bachelor thesis, master’s theses must contain a portion of their own performance and, not least, they become more extensive. However, the structure of both works is similar, although the respective universities or faculties in this respect as well as in terms of layout and scope make even more precise specifications.

When is assistance in producing scientific texts appropriate?

Today’s education system, financial requirements and the tight labor market require students to obtain their degree within the normal period of study, if possible. Although the bachelor thesis usually takes three to four months to complete, and the master’s thesis a bit longer, this time is tight for many students. After all, some other examinations have to be carried out in parallel, or the livelihood by employment has to be earned on the side. For these reasons, support for undergraduate and graduate students is often welcome.

Is help in creating the thesis allowed?

Whether undergraduate or graduate students, students often ask themselves the question of the legality of assistance in writing their thesis. First of all, it is of course right that texts created by someone else’s hand can not simply be used and delivered under one’s own name as an examination performance. However, professional service providers in the field of scientific ghostwriting do not offer such work.

What services students are allowed to use

The preparation of a bachelor’s or master’s thesis usually comprises three phases:

  • Planning and research
  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading and completion

Already in the first phase, the search for and selection of appropriate literature, students may seek professional help. This often saves a lot of valuable time, which is then available for writing. Because as already mentioned, readymade texts may not be written by ghostwriters. But even when writing it is possible to seek assistance. Professional, scientific ghostwriters then develop topicspecific sample texts. At these students can orient themselves when writing their master’s or bachelor’s thesis. With this in mind, most students are very motivated to get to work. For example, Dr. Franke is an academic ghostwriter for all fields of study that support students and accompany them during their bachelor’s or master’s thesis.

Plan early, work calmly

If students plan the timetable for their thesis in a timely and accurate manner, they have a fairly high success rate in grading their work. This starts with the choice of a suitable topic, which ideally reflects your own interests. It is much easier to work if the student is interested in the topic. Once this is found, students plan their work best from the deadline back to back and with sufficient backup time for creative breaks.