Organization of master thesis

The master’s thesis (final thesis) should show that the student is able to independently work on a problem area from the economy and / or science according to scientific methods.


The topic of the Master thesis can be issued at the earliest when the student has achieved at least 45 credit points in the Master’s program and has fulfilled the requirements of § 3 (3) and (4) of the WI-Master study and examination regulations.

For students starting their studies before WS 2018/19, other conditions apply (see relevant curriculum).

Topic and examiner

If the student has the required qualifications (see above), he can propose or apply for a topic of his choice for the Master’s thesis as well as the examiners of this thesis. The master’s thesis is reviewed and graded by two examiners. At least one of these two examiners must be a full-time professor at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering at the University of Rosenheim.

If a topic is not proposed for an unreasonably long time, even though the prerequisites have been fulfilled, the issue of the topic of the Master’s thesis can also be arranged without suggestion by the Examination Board. The examining board decides on the appropriateness.

The examiner as well as the start and the deadline of the master thesis are confirmed by the examining board WI.

The determination of a topic is legally binding if it is determined by a decision of the Examination Board.

The topic of the Master thesis can be changed by the first and second examiner in justified individual cases on application (see forms).

Return of the topic

If a master thesis can not be processed with the registered task, the student can request the processing of a new topic (see forms).

The return of the old subject has to be justified in writing by the student and assessed by the first and second examiner. A decision is made by the chairman of the board of examiners. If the valid reasons for a return are not attributable to the student, the Master’s thesis will not be graded.

If the chairman of the examining board does not consent to the return for lack of valid reasons, the master’s thesis with the topic issued must be submitted within the set deadline.

Editing a new topic

The definition of the new topic by the assignee must be completed within four weeks after the decision of the examining board, i. after the return has been approved.

The new topic of the master thesis may not be identical in content to the old topic.

Log In

The registration of the Master thesis takes place online. All information can be found under “Forms”.

Processing time

The deadline for the Master thesis is 6 months. For students starting their studies before WS 2018/19, other conditions apply (see relevant curriculum).

The period begins with the time of registration and can be extended by a maximum of 3 months, provided that the reasons for this are not the responsibility of the student. Use the corresponding application under Forms.

If the Master’s dissertation is not handed in to the examination office of the university within the stipulated deadline, this will be graded 5 (insufficient).

Repeating a master thesis

A master’s thesis rated “not sufficient” can be repeated once with a new topic.

  • Workload
  • The workload for the master thesis is 17 CP.
  • language

The master thesis can be written in German or in English. A summary in German must be included in every case.

Structure / structure, formal requirements

The master thesis should correspond to the following content structure:

  • Title page (name and matriculation number of the student, name of the first examiner and second examiner, name of the university, date)

Statement. At the time of submission, the candidate must assure in writing that they have written their own work, that they have not yet submitted any other material for examination purposes, that they have used sources other than those specified, and have cited verbatim and analogous citations as such. The insurance also covers graphical representations and accompanying or underlying software.

  • Short version in German and English (each with a maximum of one page)
  • Table of contents (divided up to the third classification level)
  • Mapping, table and installation directory
  • Abbreviations (abbreviations from sources are not listed, such as editions, etc.)
  • Text pages with numbered pages, illustrations, tables and references
  • Literature, source list

The formal guidelines and requirements for the written execution of master’s theses (cover page, abstract, bibliography …..) are analogous to those of diploma and bachelor theses (see document “Information on the design of a thesis”.) Accessible on the intranet after login.).

Other helpful tips can also be found in a document from the Academy for Professionals (afp PDF).

Basic Information on the topic of scientific work you will find u.a. in Weber, D .: research assistant for economists, Wiley-Verlag, Weinheim 2015, ISBN: 978-3-527-53011-3 as well as on the websites of the library.

Submission of the master thesis

The master thesis is to be submitted in two copies in bound form and one copy in digitized pdf format on a data medium (CD-ROM). Theses completed in spiral bindings are inadmissible.

One copy is ever

  • a copy of the registration form (application for theme issue) as well
  • a copy of the entry form (see forms)
  • appeal.