Master Thesis, Master Project and Colloquium

The master’s thesis and the associated master project and colloquium are a central component of the Master’s degree program with a total of 45 credit points. The Master’s Thesis will be created within the framework of the Master’s project, i. In the master project, a research project is planned, implemented and evaluated, and the master’s thesis is prepared. In the colloquium, research topics and research projects are presented and discussed.

The master project and the colloquium will be taken over three semesters throughout. Accordingly, the selection of the Master’s project, in which the Master’s thesis is prepared, is of great importance for the individual content and methodological orientation in the Master’s program. It is therefore advisable to carefully select the master’s project and to take it from the first semester of the master’s program.

Selection, recording and documentation of the master project

Since master’s theses are created in the master’s project and the range of master’s theses in the departments may be limited, inclusion in the specific master’s project may also be limited. It should also be noted that not all of the master projects listed in the course catalog also include master students. The admission into a master project therefore takes place via the specification of two preferred master projects and the assignment according to preference and availability. The selection and admission process includes the following items:

  • Selection of two preferred master projects here (HS: June 1 to July 31 and FS: January 1 to January 31, VPN)
  • Internal allocation process according to preference and availability (HS: until August 31 and FS: until February 14)
  • Informing students about their assignment to a master project (HS: from 1 September and FS: from 15 February)
  • Assign the assigned master project to MONA within the voucher period

It is recommended to be well informed about the available mastersprojects in the respective departments and to get in contact with the supervisor at an early stage in order to match their own interests, possibilities and abilities and the content, methodology and time requirements of the respective master or research project elicit. The lecturers decide on admission to the master project. The master project is documented by MONA and must be reassigned each semester in order to acquire the service.

Study contract for the Master thesis

After the assignment and before the start of the Master’s thesis, the study contract for the Master’s thesis is signed and jointly signed between the supervisor and the student. The study contract for the Master’s thesis regulates the topic, the formal aspects and the deadline for the Master’s thesis. The template for the study contract for the Master’s thesis is in the documents. The study contract for the Master’s thesis should be digitally signed (after proceeding) and sent as a PDF in an email to the Dean of Studies and the respective supervising lecturers.

Writing the master thesis

The development and writing of the Master’s thesis in the specialization of personality and developmental psychology is closely and continuously followed by the supervising lecturers. The supervising lecturers provide the students with advice, deeds, expertise and experience, provide constructive feedback and support via email or in meetings, and thus accompany the process of preparing the master’s thesis. The Master’s thesis is prepared in close cooperation with the supervising lecturers and accordingly the procedure varies from lecturer to lecturer and from department to department. For the preparation of the master’s thesis but obligatory templates are available in German or English, in which the format is given and a general structure is proposed.

Submission and grading of the master thesis

After completing the Master’s thesis, it will be bound and subsequently stamped and registered in duplicate at the Dean’s Office. So that the work can be stamped and registered in the Dean’s Office, the contract for writing the Master’s thesis must be available in the Dean’s Office. The dates and times for the submission of the thesis are listed here.

Afterwards, the students have to submit the stamped and registered master thesis in duplicate to the competent habilitated member of the faculty and the supervising lecturers. The deadlines are set to two appointments annually:

  • in the spring semester on April 1st
  • in the autumn semester on the 15th of October

The deadline for submission of the Master Thesis may be extended by one month by written notification by email to the Examination Board until 2 weeks before the agreed deadline after consultation with the supervising lecturers. It is also possible, in consultation with the supervisors, to dissolve the study contract for the Master’s thesis by mutual agreement and to create a new study contract for the Master’s thesis with a later deadline. The prerequisite for this is the timely information of the Dean’s Office.

The grading is done by the habilitated member of the Faculty of Psychology and usually follows a standardized assessment scheme. In the case of an unsatisfactory grading or failure to hand in the master thesis on time, this will be considered as failed. In the case of a nonexistent Master’s thesis, a second Master’s thesis on a new topic can be created. A second failure of a master’s thesis leads to exclusion from the study of psychology. The exclusion is communicated by the faculty by means of disposition.